ZJ70 / 4500LDB Rig

ZJ70 / 4500LDB

Name:ZJ70 / 4500LDB Rig
Type:ZJ70 / 4500LDB

ZJ70/4500LDB rig drives the compounding box via 3 diesel engines and anti-clockwise coupling engine set. Compound chain box is 6 shafts energy-save sealing structure which includes 3 engines and 2 pumps .(Ⅰ、Ⅲ and Ⅳ shafts are input shafts of engine drive). Ⅱand Ⅴshafts are used to drive mud pumps, Ⅵ shaft is used to drive energy-saving Generator, and drive Drawworks by eight-row chain. Front open-face mast and Swing up substructure are raised by Drawworks. The main brake of Drawworks is hydraulic disc brake, the auxiliary brake is electromagnetic eddy current brake.

1.Adopt swing up type of mast and substructure integral raising. Substructure, mast and all equipments are installed at low position and raise mast and substructure at one time by Drawworks powere. dismounting convenience, Having advantages of quick moving, integral movement and installation, etc. 

2. Diesel engine, hydraulic coupling and transmission box form a whole transport unit, which is installed on driving base at rear floor. The whole chain box is installed directly on the substructure at rear floor. 

3.Rotary table speed, torque and mud pump stroke rate can respectively adjusted according to the drilling process , provides the premise and guarantee to optimize the drilling process and automatic bit feeding

Nominal drilling depth(114mmDP)


Open diameter of Rotary table

φ952.5mm (37.5")



Qty.× power of diesel engine


Max.hook load


Shift of Drawworks


Traveling system


Height of drilling floor


Dia of Drill line


Mast type and height

Ktype, 45.5m

Qty.× power of mud pump


Drawworks power


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