ZJ70 / 4500DB Rig

ZJ70 / 4500DB

Name:ZJ70 / 4500DB Rig
Type:ZJ70 / 4500DB

Rig adopts double motor drive single shaft Ⅱshift AC frequency conversion Drawworks, realize double stages stepless speed regulation. electric drive control system adopts Siemens PLC and AC frequency conversion technology, The whole rig control system adopts the redundant heat backup mode, compatible , fault-tolerant performance is good; Equipped with high pump pressure F - 1600 triplex cylinder mud pump , Supporting the integration of driller control room, driller in driller’s control room can complete the main operation.

1.Give full play to the advantage of advanced digital AC frequency conversion electric transmission, and uses the machine, electricity, liquid, gas, digital control integration design, improve the control accuracy, simplifies the structure of drilling rig. 

2. Equipment on the floor is installed at low position and overall hoisted. Reducing the workload of aerial work, improve the security.

3.Electric transmission adopts vector frequency conversion drive system, realize the fully digital control operation, obligate interface for remote fault diagnosis expert system, can realize the collection of control parameters and drilling parameters (signal), display, storage, printing, remote monitoring and management. 

4.Realizing bit pressure, drilling rate, pump pressure, pump capacity to large range, high precision effectively control and greatly improved the drilling process. Using the characteristics of frequency conversion technology, make Drawworks hover at zero speed, changed the traditional way of driller operation. 

5.The operation control system using dual PLC redundancy design, improve the reliability of the system. 1600 high pressure mud pump can improve drilling speed, ensures the bit reliable high-speed rotation, lengthen the service life of the drill bit, improve drilling efficiency.

Nominal  drill depth (114mmDP)


Open diameter of rotary table

φ952.5mm (37.5 )



Qty.× power of diesel engine


Max hook load


Drawworks gear shift

Step less speed regulation

Traveling system structure


Substructure height


Drill line diameter


Mast type and height

Ktype, 45.5m

Qty.× power of mud pump


Drawworks power


Drive type


Mud high pressure manifold


Rotary table shift qty

1 or 2 shift Step less speed regulation

Effective capacity of mud tank of solid control system


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