ZJ50 / 3150D Rig

ZJ50 / 3150D

Name:ZJ50 / 3150D Rig
Type:ZJ50 / 3150D

ZJ50/3150D rig adopts 3 sets of CAT3512 diesel generator sets as the main power. The 600V/50Hz AC is rectified 0~750V DC by SCR cabinet to drive YZ08/YZ08A series DC motor for Drawworks, rotary table and mud pumps. Drawworks is driven by 2 sets of motors,2 sets of mud pumps are separately driven by 2 sets of motors. Rotary table is driven by 1 motor, electrical transmission system is one-two control type, AC-SCR-DC transmission. Front open-face mast, swing up substructure, hoisted by Drawworks power, main brake of Drawworks is hydraulic disc brake and the auxiliary brake is magnetic eddy current brake.

1.Adopt swing up or slingshot substructure. Substructure, mast and all equipments on the floor are installed at low position, mast and substructure are raised up at once by Drawworks power. Have advantages of dismounting convenience, quick-carrying, entire movement and installation, etc. 

2.Drill arrangement meet the requirement of explosion-proof, safety, drilling engineering and equipment installation, disassembly and convenient maintenance. 

3.The Drawworks, rotary table and mud pump can realize independent step less speed regulation, has provided the safeguard for optimizing drilling technology.

Nominal drilling depth



Open diameter of rotary table

φ952.5mm (37.5 )



Qty.× power of diesel engine


Max.hook load


Shift of Drawworks

Stepless speed regulation

Traveling system


Height of drilling floor


Dia of Drill line


Mast type and height

K type, 45m

Qty.× power of mud pump


Drawworks power


Transmission type


mud high pressure manifold


shift of rotary table

2 shifts step less speed regulation

Effective capacity of mud tank of solid control system


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