ZJ40 / 2250D Rig

ZJ40 / 2250D

Name:ZJ40 / 2250D Rig
Type:ZJ40 / 2250D

ZJ40/2250D drilling rig is DC drive module. Drilling rig adopts DC drive,full digital DC control system.Drawworks, rotary table and mud pump is driven separately, drawworks, mud pump adopts one-to-two control, rotary table is the "one-to-one" control. The three generator sets interconnection, though three SCR control cabinets, control respectively 7sets DC motors: 2 sets motors are compounded to drive Drawworks, 1 set drive rotary table individually, another 4 sets motor, each two are compounded to drive 2 sets 1300 HP mud pump.

1.The substructure adopts modular structure, using pin connection between block and block, realizing to quickly move. 

2.Mast is front open-face, K type, five sections of mast is whole tower structure which can be installed with crown and move as a whole. Supporting leg is base seat under substructure, stability is good, using Drawworks power raising or lower as a whole. 

3.Drawworks is driven by DC motor, power utilization rate is high. total number of Drawworks shift can be up to 4+4R, can realize stepless speed regulation.

Nominal drill depth(114mmDP)


Open nominal diameter of Rotary table

φ700mm (27.5)



Qty×power of diesel generator


Max hook load


Drawworks gear shift


Traveling system structure


Substructure height


Drill line diameter


Mast type and height

K type, 43m

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