Chock and Manifold

Name:Chock and Manifold

1.Application Purpose

The Choke Manifold is an essential equipment to control well kick and implement (he oil and gas well pressure control technology. Under the BOP closed conditions, the use of the throttle valve' s opening and closing (o control a certain casing pressure in order to maintain chat the downhole pressure is always slightly larger than (he formation pressure, so as to prevent the formation fluid further flow into lhe well. In addition, during the implementation of well shutdown, it is available to achieve a soft shutdown by virtue of pressure relief via the choke manifold. When the well pressure rises to a certain limit, it is able to protect the wellhead through blowout prevention.

2.Composition and Structure

The Choke Manifold is constituted by the throttle valve, gate Valve, pipes, pipe fittings, pressure gauge and other components.

3.Working Principle

When the well pressure increases, it is able to release the well fluids to control the casing pressure through opening and closing the throttle valve on lhe choke manifold (including manual adjustable type, hydraulic type and fixed type). In addition, it is available to directly open the well for gushing through the gate valve when the casing pressure is quite high.

4.Choke Manifold Specification

The pressure level of the choke manifold manu factured by Our Company is divided into five levels, namely 14Mpa. 21Mpa, 35Mpa. 70Mpa and 105Mpa. Moreover, it can also be designed according to customer requirements.

Working Pressure: 2,000psi to 15,000psi

Nominal Diameter: 2 1/16"~ 4 1/16"

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