Double Pump Auto Mixing Cementing Truck

Name:Double Pump Auto Mixing Cementing Truck

Based on the second-class chassis, the truck is refitted by adding subframe, engine, triplex plunger pump, measuring cabinet, driving system, hydraulic system, auto-mixing system and other special equipments, it is mainly used for oil field well cementing. For well cementing operation within 4500m depth, one set of the truck is OK.

1.Has the advantages of high pressure, larger displacement, high efficiency, safety and reliable. 

2.Auto-mixing control system is developed by our company and it can realize density automatic control and automatic / manual control switched, and it has the advantages of control interface simple to operate, meet with oil field operating habits. 

3.Slurry-mixing system energy be partly from chassis, which increase actual power of main engine.

Max. working pressure        

100  MPa

Max. theoretical displacement

180 m³/h

Max. slurry density

General condition: 1.02.5g/c

Accuracy range


Max. slurry-mixing capaciry

02.3 m³/min

Working medium

Water, slurry, drilling fluid


Beiben8×8, ACTROS4144/8×6,
 VOLVO  FM440/6×6

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