600S Triplex Plunger Pump


Name:600S Triplex Plunger Pump

600S Triplex Plunger Pump is a classic pump developed from the Practical experience and applicable for Fracturing, Cementing, Sand proof, acidizing etc. small scale fracturing operation. This Pump is directly connected with the plunger and the cross head which reducing the pump's length so that it is widely used in duplex double pump cementing truck or skid. The pump can be disposed on the device so that the pipe layout is simple and beautiful, the operation is convenient and so on.

Max.Power Braking

600HP (447KW)

Max. Connecting rod Load

100,000 lbf (445KN)


6” (152.4mm)

Driving Model

Double cylinder oblige gear transmission

Speed rations


Dimension L×W×H mm

51.17*55.84*26.9 in. (1,299*1,418*683mm)


4,600 lbs (2,,086Kg)

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